This page showcases Zap Calendar Lite, the free version of Zap Calendar.  Zap Calendar Lite provides a native calendar for your Joomla site with advanced editing features not found in other paid calendar products.  You can easily upgrade to a paid Zap Calendar subscription with additional features at a later time without losing any calendar data you have created using the Lite version.

January 2022
Thomas Nelson Jr.
Woodrow Wilson
Andrew Johnson
Betsy Ross
Grace Coolidge
Walter Mondale
Millard Fillmore
Richard M. Nixon
John Hancock
James L. Farmer, Jr.
William Whipple
Benedict Arnold
Philip Livingston
Martin Luther King, Jr.
John C. Breckinridge
Benjamin Franklin
Michelle Obama
Daniel Webster
Robert E. Lee
Robert Morris
Richard Henry Lee
Stonewall Jackson
Joseph Hewes
Charles Curtis
General Douglas MacArthur
Julia Grant
William McKinley
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Richard Cheney
Charles Lindbergh
Rosa Parks
Danforth Quayle
Event times are in the America/New York time zone
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